Tatr (Pete) Assakul

Hey, there.

My name is Pete Assakul. In photography, I want to document the world, in the light of both chaos and calm, as it is. And one day, I hope my photos would really elevate the society I live in and the people I live alongside with.

My philosophy is to edit as least as possible and let the image speak for itself. My goal is to find "clean" images in a world where so many things are moving and interacting with each other. I generally use people as subjects: beings that we resonate the most both emotionally and physically with.

Recently, I’ve been attracted to the culture of Northern Thailand. Its wooden architecture and soothing music complement each other so well aesthetically. If I have a chance, I want to share what I’ve learned and what I thought is so unique about this Lanna culture.


General Information


Bangkok, Thailand


The Hotchkiss School ’18

Cornell University ’22